Friday, December 12, 2008

Nice Food At East Coast Hawker Centre

Whenever my boyfriend and I go to East Coast Hawker Centre, we will order this satay bee hoon.. I think there is only one Satay Bee hoon stall with very long Q in front... the stall operates from 6pm, but i think before 6pm, customers are already Q-ing .. There are 2 or 3 uncles working, one would prepare the ingredients, slowly putting bee hoon, cockles, cuttlefish, kang kong, meat ( sometimes counting as well) .. super slow.. then another uncle will pour the gravy onto the ingredients...

Normally have to wait at least 20-30mins before we can start to eat... if we are super hungry, we would skip this and order other food.. But its really a nice plate of satay bee hoon that we will really purposely drive there to Q and savour the dish... the smallest portion is $2 ..but i think after you in the Q for very long, you would order a bigger plate or else its such a waste to Q for so so long... **( I think the uncles purposely dilly dally to prepare the food, want to make the Q look endlessly long.. no doubt its really nice ..but i think if they can prepare faster, there will be more customers!! ...I know some people just dont like to Q)

Another nice food at East Coast Hawker Centre is this Char Siew Wanton Mee.. its somewhere in the middle stall ( along the stretch of satay stalls) .. the char siew is nice , so is the gravy... ! nice food..
Talking about wanton mee, I also like parklane wanton mee at Sunshine Plaza.. they got fried wanton.. now they increased the price to minimum $3.50.. but its still popular and nice... but i prefer eating at Sunshine Plaza rather than at Bugis .. they got another outlet across bugis Junction., opposite Mosburger,,, but these days, their shops like manned by China....

Not forgetting, this very nice and crispy food.. opps, i dont know what its called.. There was once I saw Michelle Chia recommending this food, and its really look nice.. so I went to try and like it, also recommended my friends to eat, and they also like.. there are chestnuts, prawns and a few other ingredients in the paste.. dip with the sweet sauce when eating! Also another must try! Once, I da-bao back home to eat.. but it was not as nice, do eat it on the spot so to enjoy the hot, crispy, delicious appetisers... its $8.00 if I remember correctly.

This stall is located along the stretch of stalls where the satay been hoon stall is.... oh yes, its actually located near the exit of the ladies toilet. Its a corner stall, and they got 2 stall spaces ... I think they are also famous for their salted vegetables duck soup served in claypots ( but i have not tried this before) the aunt is always the one taking order.. and her daughters also help.. both daughters are quite young and very pretty!

Another nice food at East Coast is the duck rice, that is near the atm machine.. the brown rice, soup, gravy, duck meat all add up to a satisfying and delicious meal...

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