Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bride Wars

Bride Wars - the story between Emma and Liv ( childhood friends) competing with each other to see who will give in to another for their dream wedding at the Plaza Hotel. The wedding planner had actually scheduled the wrong dates and both would wed on the same day, same time, same hotel... can see how they sabao each other.. such a funny and touching movie, that it actually made me tears towards the end... If a movie can make me tears, its a good movie.. way better than Love Matters. worth watching.. but think it will be better if its watched together with your besties or girlfriends during girl outings..

Oh well... the movie ticket at City Square on Wednesday is RM$6.00 (SG$2.60) ..but the silly thing is we chose a couple seat and they charged us extra RM$1.00 for choosing couple seats.. and when we wanted to cancel the booking, the staff said cannot... WTH!!!.. then later when we were going to buy drinks, we realise that Citibank card holders can buy RM$2.00 popcorn combo ..and when we wanted to cancel our transaction and pay everything using Citibank card, the manager said cannot... dumb dumb!!!.... so next time, just pay using Citibank card to enjoy the priviledges..i read from the posters that the promotion is valid until 31 Dec 2009 and valid for the first 500 customers per day.

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