Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Back tracking the movies I have watched in the past few weeks

Yes Man ( 4th Jan 2009) -

a so-so movie ..Jim Carrey seem to age alot.. haha, have to say yes to everything so that we wont miss opportunities.. haha, but i doubt I will say Yes to everything in real life.. that will be very tiring..

Bedtime stores ( 8th Jan 2009)
- Caught this movie when I was at Genting.. quite nice, the little girl in the movie was very cute and pretty .. I think she wil be a real beauty when she grow up ..and bugsy with super big eyes was very cute.. Story wise, it seem like a fairy tale, whatever Adam Saddler told the kids and the kids said, it will somehow come true in real life...

lady cop and papa crook by sammi and eason..

Honestly speaking, i dont really understand the movie, because it was in cantonese, and dont have english subtitles... it was a boliao show, but most of the times i was playing with the Osim massaging chair.. but i dont find this movie nice..quite crappy! dont waste your money and time to watch...

Side notes: watching movies in Genting is cheaper than in Singapore.. I cannot remember what is the price for the normal seats there, as we bought the package seat which consist of a tub of popcorn, drink and snack ( 3 pieces chocolate biscuits) at RM$15.00, its the back few rows and the seats were slightly bigger than the normal seats which cost RM$10 or RM$12. As for the Osim seats, each cost RM$16.00 but it was at the front row.... all along i thought it was very near the screen, but its still acceptable.. its really a massaging chair.. definitely way better than the virbation seats on the coaches..

Ong Bak 2 (16th Jan 2009)
- It was pretty good movie with fighting ( intense action packed), but i dont really understand the ending, he did not die right..but i thought the prince asked the men to torture him???

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