Friday, January 2, 2009

Biggest Pau I have Eaten In My Life

1st January 2009 - The beginning of a brand New Year .. A Very Happy New Year to everyone...

Well, this afternoon I asked my dear to bring me to Elias Mall so that I can buy Godzilla pau.. ( i saw ieatishootipost blog about this ultra cup E size pau .. how big can this pau be..

haha, it was pretty easy to locate this shop, its at Blk 623, CG food court.. and the name of the shop is called Godzilla hand made pau .. and I bought 2 ... it was $3.80 for 1.. I bought one hot and one cold .. the cold one I will da bao home for my mum and brother .. while the hot one, we ate in the was pretty difficult to eat in the car as it was a very big pau, I had to use my 2 hands.. its liek quite messy because the ingredients also dropped off.. haha.. inside the big pau, there was meat, mushrooms, chinese sausages, eggs, salted egg yolk, white radish which at first i thought was fat... actually i dont find that it taste very nice.. its quite normal.. just that its the biggest pau I have eaten in my life.. ( its 19cm in diameter.. can imagine how big it is !!)

I guess if 1 person was to eat the whole pau, surely will be very full and even gelat... but this big size pau sure can scare or amuse your friends.. when I brought home and showed to my mum.. her first reaction was " WOW, such a big pau!" haha...

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