Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sheng Wang Mee Hoon Kuey

Today I went to eat the hand made mee hoon kuey again.. but this time the soup one... I had expected the soup to be quite bland as I had tried the side soup given to me when I ate the dry version the previous time..however, to my surprise, the soup is quite tasty and not very oily like qiu Lian mee hoon kuey.. the chilli is also not like Qiu Lian, its just sliced chilli padi with soya sauce..but its still nice...

When the food arrived, I checked with the aunt again, on their closing time, and she told me its around 8pm ..then I asked her how come last time round when I came around 3pm++ no more, she said normally by afternoon time, the mee hoon kuey would be sold out already.. so have to go early!

When I finished all the ingredients and mee hoon kuey, and there is some soup left, I realised that the soup is indeed much less oily than the normal mee hoon kuey, normal other mee hoon kuey would see a layer of oil , but not for this..
Quite Nice! The soup one cost $3 while the dry one cost $3.50.
By the way, we also ordered onion rings and fries from the western food store.. for $3, we were given 10 large pieces of hot and crispy onion rings($2) and a decent amount of fries ($1)... Quite cheap i thought....

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