Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Yesterday to GV Max went to watch Curious case of benjamin Botton. ( When we went to collect the tickets at 10pm for our movie, the screen already showed red..which mean selling fast, left with first 2 rows.. )

It is quite a nice movie although its quite a long movie.. 166 minutes to be exact. It is about how how a weird looking baby with the look of an old man.. his mother died when giving birth to him..and his father wanted to throw him away after realising how his son looked like.. but in the end, left him outside an oldfolk home... Surprising this old-ugly looking baby grew to become stronger, younger and more good looking everyday..but because of his reverse age-ing process, he chose to leave his love and his daughter when he was in his 30-40. He said he could not be a normal father and cannot stay with them to watch his daughter grow up to be an adult... he sold all his properties that were left to him by his real father Mr Button, who later regretted giving him up after seeing him turned more normal... I guess if the main actor is not someone dashing like Brad Pitt, I would give this movie a miss for sure..

the movie started at 11pm, but with commercials, it started at 11.20pm, and it ended at 2am.. Although its more than 2.5hours movie, i dont find it very long, ( i did not fall asleep though) ... Brad pitt is handsome when he turned younger.. However, I dont find this movie touching, it did not make me cry at all.... but its worth watching this movie for the story and Brad Pitt, I will give this show a 7.5 out of 10.

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