Monday, March 16, 2009

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Anyone of you heard of this? Actually I also never heard of this until I KPO in the skincare thread in Cozycot.. and found a link to get free sample for this product.

I got the samples a couple of days back, and already tried Cure twice...and I find it not bad.. Its quite watery and i just applied on my dry cleansed face and wait a few seconds before rubbing off.. yes, the dead skin like being rubbed off.. but i will try a few more times, to see if I am allergy before i purchase the full size. This is quite similar to the The face Shop peeling white gel which I have, but i find TFS one much harsher and stronger compared to cure. Cure is much milder, without any chemical fragrance. Between these two gel, I would much prefer Cure. It is really gentle! I dont smell anything though.

However, I shall monitor after i tried a few more times, because immediately the first time I use, i experience an itch and I scratch until abit bleeding, now left a red spot, ( i dont know if mosquito happen to bite me at that very moment after I cleanse my face a not)

This product is currently retailing at $38 for 250ml pump bottle.

If you want to try this product, do visit
( Simply provide them your Name, Address, Contact Number and email address and they will mailed you 2x 3grams sachets to your mail box within a few days.
** If nothing goes wrong with Cure and my skin, most likely I would purchase the full size bottle soon...

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