Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragonball Evolution & Race To Witch Mountain

Saturday (14th Mar), we watched DragonBall Evolution At GV Max..

I find it so-so, not worth the weekend price. only give it a 6 out of 10...
I had watched a better version of dragon ball more than 10 years ago called 新七龍珠 神龍的傳說 ( dragon ball: The magic begins)a mandarin movie when I was much younger.,. and it was more humorous and nicer than the current Dragon Evolution. I still remember that my brother and I watched this mandarin dragonball many many times because we got the video tape.. and yesterday when I tried to search for the version which I watched more than 10 years ago, I found it at tuduo.. so told my brother about it so that we can watch over again.. Although more than 10 years ago, dont have the technology/graphics now.. we still enjoyed the movie when we were very young.. think I was younger than 12 then... its part of my childhood memories.. together with those Carebears and smurfs, and later part Captain Planet..
Sunday (15th Mar), went to Tampines to watch Race To Witch Mountain.. basically following the journey of how The Rock helped the 2 kids ( aliens) to race to the witch mountain where they can locate their spaceship so that they could go back to their own planet.. It is not really WOW movie, but its slightly better than Dragonball Evolution...

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