Friday, March 6, 2009

Laneige perfect renew dual touch eyes

After using this Laneige perfect renew dual touch eyes, I finally finished up the night cream pot... but my day cream pot still left half.. sometimes, i will be skeptical to use SPF products on my eye areas, dont know why... ( but I am not a fan of SPF products although its an important product in our skincare regime, even doctors and many skincare books I read said so... its like an anti-ageing product to help prevent the damage that UV rays/sunlight caused to our skincare)

Oh well, after a long 1 year and 1 month of daily use, I amd sad to report that this product does not work for my super serious dark circles and fine lines.

I think the next one I would use will be the L'oreal eye cream which I had won from Cozycot contest.

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