Monday, March 9, 2009


7th March 2009- We were deciding between Coming Soon and Push.. but I was too frightened to watch Coming Soon at 12 midnight. And when we were purchasing tickets at the counter, I merely asked the staff if Coming Soon was scary..and she said her a few of her colleagues watched and they dont dare to work ( think its something related to cinema no wonder the staff scared scared)

ooppss.. back to the crappy PUSH. I think it was too cheam a movie for me.. there were a few points that i dont understand..

1) Why did the black guy killed Nick's father? ( first few mins of the movie)

2) When Nick went to a chinese restaurant with 2 guns wanted to kill the black man and Victor, why did the black man asked Victor to let off Nick after the black man spoken to the little girl?

3) Why are everybody after the briefcase? I thought the black man would know where the briefcase is, since he know it is locker 4100? and why the key is found in Kira's shoes since she dont belong to division?

4) Why did they want to catch Kira back? was she a normal person before the injection or was she already a pusher before the injection? I wonder why they injected her?

Wow.. too many question marks... think I did not pay attention to the introduction of the movie in the 1st few mins... What Movers, Watchers, Sniffers, Wipers, Pushers, Shouters, all the actors/actresses got super powers lor...

but the part when the shouters with super enlarged eyes shout until the mirrors and fish tanks smashed quite funny, even the fishes bleed in the fish tanks..this is how powerful their shouts were...( very stupid but quite funny)

Personally I dont recommend this movie.. It is a cheam, crappy, nonsense movie. ( think I prefer easier to understand movie..this one is too cheam for me to understand... )

Maybe I should have watch Coming Soon... but I was so scared to watch.. and Coming Soon preview on Sat night was quite hot, seats almost sold out..

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