Monday, March 9, 2009

Nakhon Kitchen

My brother treated us to thai food ( he had been there twice and find the food authentic so brought us there) ...

There is this ulu shop that is near my home..

( history of the location of this shop: all the past tenants who opened their food business in this shop, sure closed down because of no customers..and it had changed countless tenants.. but only this thai shop having very good business ... )

That we even need to Q up .. there were only 10 tables in this super small and cozy non-air conditioned shop... haha.. but the food is really not bad..

Take a look:

Ice Thai Tea ($3) brother's gf said Thailand's one much nicer though.. but i find it quite similar to the ice thai tea sold at Johor Bahru's city square J.Co Donuts shop.

Basil Leaves Minced Pork ($6) ..this dish is really yummy and tasty.. must try!

Fried Asparagus with dried mushrooms & prawns ($6) this is nice too.. and its really cheap that this plate of asparagus only 6 bucks.

Fried Pineapple Rice (($6) there is nothing special about this though. also very little pineapple.

Phaad Thai ($5) not bad..quite nice..

Tom Yam Seafood Soup ($6) This is nice! Got sotong, prawns, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fish .. Must try! We have request it not so spicy because by default one is very spicy according to my brother. Its spicy mixed with sourish taste... yummy!

Mango Salad ($5) so -so only..

Ok, the service and food is not bad lah.. and the prices are reasonable ... the bill came up to $38 ( including a bowl of plain rice at $1) for the 4 of us. No GST, NO Serivce charge.

I will come to eat again if I have craving for the thai food...

Nakhon kitchen is located at:
Blk 212
Hougang Street 21
Tel: 6286 8785

* For those driving, there is a carpark behind the shop.. but its cashcard operated.

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