Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Singapore Post - Lost Mails Incidents

Actually so far, I encountered 2 missing mails which I sent out, one was a mask to Tiphanie, and another was a M.A.C sample primer to kimoko, until now they had yet to receive their mails, it has been more than a few months..For kimoko's case, I had sent enquiries to the post office, and the post man said he had delivered the mail to her .. but the mail in fact never reached the receiver, because kimoko got many parcels everyday so the postman could have mistook other sender's mail to be mine and told me that my mail has been sent! That is why I always prefer to meet the buyer to pass them the product, because if meet up, confirm the mail wont be lost in transit and wont get damaged as well.. I wouldnt mind waste my time to walk down to Kovan mrt station and meet the buyer, she can also examined the item(s) before passing me the money.

At least, I would have the peace of mind that the parcel/mail wont get missing. I think I am more afriad of lost mails than the buyer themselves.. I just dont want to be mistaken for cheating on them, when in the first place, I did send out the items, and the items were always well-packaged in wrapping paper and a small note is included.

Actually for Singapore post, when you mail the item out on Monday before 5pm, the person should receive the mail on Tuesday.. but if by Wednesday, the receiver still did not receive the mail, high chance is the mail is lost.

Conclusion: its still best to meet up the buyer/seller so that the item wont get lost. If the items are cheap, then can still normal post, because even if the items get lost, will feel heart pain. If the item is expensive, better to opt for registered mail, spend $2.30 to get an insurance, a peace of mind. But if I am selling things, I hope that I can meet the buyer so that I can pass the item safely to the buyer.. its better than being mistaken for being dishonest.

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