Friday, April 3, 2009

Review: Maquillage Lasting Powdery UV Compact Foundation OC10

"An Ultra fine powder that gives you 8 hours of perfection"

ok, I am going to tell you this isnt true.

I went to the base makeup this afternoon and as I wanted better coverage, the SA suggested using Maquillage Lasting Powdery UV Compact foundation in OC10 .. removed my makeup, applied softener, and applied a makeup base before using a clean sponge to apply the compact foundation onto my skin.. It look really whitish.. but the SA said because of the white light.. but when I go to toilet to check, its not so white, although a bit on the whiter side..

Ok, after around 6hours+ when I reached home to see myself in the mirror, I was so shocked to see my foundation becoming so cakey, and patchy... Oh gosh, what the advertisement claims to be an ultra fine powder that gives us 8 hours of perfection is NOT TRUE!!! my M.A.C studio fix wont give me this kind of cakey and patchy look even after 10 hours of wearing..

Maybe because I got oily skin, or maybe because the foundation is not suitable for me, for those who is interested to get this compact foundation, do try on your face for at least 6-8 hours to see the after effect before making your final purchase.

Maybe its liquid foundation would be a better choice..

Personally, after 6 hours+ of wearing, I dont like this foundation .. OC10 is not my perfect shade ( abit white).. plus the lasting power and oil control is pretty bad!! This compact foundation itself cost $65 and the case cost $23 is Not worth the price, even when a free chic and beautiful case is given free.


Anonymous said...

I read that you're C3 but what shade are you in NC?

Sharon said...


My M.A.C studio fix compact which I have been using for many years is C3, quite a perfect match for me. As to what NC shade I am .. ok, I had tried NC20 studio fix liquid foundation, it sort of brighten up my face, although it was alittle fair, but NC25 studio fix liquid foundation, seem too dark for skintone.. weird right? but if given a choice, I would choose NC20 over NC25 for studio fix liquid foundation.

but then, M.A.C different formula/different foundation type like have different tones too..

I can say I am C3. (C3 is a colour tone by itself, although studio fix compact also comes in NC shades)

N said...

Great review! I am deciding whether to spend the $$$ on ordering the Maquilalge online as I dont have MQ here but after reading your review, I will do more research and try to cehck out any swatches of it so match my skintone

Sharon said...

Hi N,

I think if you really get Maquillage Lasting Powdery UV Compact Foundation, maybe you can have the SA try on your whole face and you walked around for a few hours, and see if its oxidise badly on you.. If you are staying in Singapore, they are providing free base makeover at Metro Shiseido counters from 3 to 9 April 2009. Just call the respective counters to make an appointment.

Metro Woodlands - 6893 6408
Metro Paragon - 6734 2052