Tuesday, March 17, 2009

These Are So Colorful and So Cute.....

Recently Soh Ee's friend gave her these little food from Thailand so she gave us some - 12 little mini fruits!!! .. I had eaten these before but they were not so nice..... these were nicer, one is only the size of a cherry.. so its very small, and the inside which is grinded green bean paste is just nice, not too sweet, and the skin is super super thin, there is actually an ultra thin layer of jelly like on the most outer layer, which give it a shine..

the leaves are inedible though..

Nice nice..

Cutting the pumpkin into halves:

The yellow layer ( 2nd outer layer) and jelly-like layer (outer most layer) are so thin.

the outer most layer ( jelly like) is so so thin that its sort of transparent.

I wonder if the process of making these little snacks is tedious???

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