Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watsons Promotions - Cure Natural Aqua Gel

After trying the samples from Cure, I went to buy the full size.

I think I should have purchased one of the cheapest Cure Natural Aqua Gel full siza (250g) that one can find in Singapore. For those of you who know this product, you should know that the retail price is $38, and there is no discount given for this product at Watsons. this product is not included in the 20% discount. From what i know, the only place I heard giving discount was at Nishino Pharmacy last month, offering 8% discount.

Well..guess how much I bought this for - $30.52 ( which is around 20% off) ..And its only available at Watsons at T3 because of the GST free promotion, plus $5 off for $30 purchase.

On top of that, I was given another 1 hour complimentary carpark coupon ( I now have 3!!)

As I spent more than $30 in a single receipt, I am entitled to play the hammering game to win sure win prizes, but I know high chance I would get the mickey mouse collectible (cushion + notepad) which I won 2 sets from my previous trip to Watsons at T3, so I opt to pay using my POSB everyday card to get a 3% rebate of $1.05... ( the 6% rebate ended yesterday, or else I could have $2 rebates instead of $1.. ;( haha, for those of you who are interested in playing the hammering game, just pay using Visa if your bill totalled to $30.. although prizes include $25 voucher.. but it really very difficult to hit, ...

I think if you were me, you may have asked me to try my luck.. but i already have 2 sets at home now.. Today I did not even go round to collect the 5 stamps to redeem for free lock.. because I have got 4 of the locks at home already..

I also bought another item that was having special promotion.. Oral B mouth rinse(500ml + 350ml pack), I think usual price is $7.50 but now they are selling at $6.50 .. and minus the 7% GST, the package cost only $6.. Chinatown's Ocean like selling $5.30-$5.50 for 350ml x 2 I think this promotion is quite worth it!!!

** Actually Cure is not available at T3, but I had asked Watsons head office to help me transfer to T3 for my purchase.. and they transferred 3 bottles over.. and i just bought 1.. so there are 2 bottles left.. if you want, better call up to reserve or ask Watsons head office to do the transfer. because this GST free promotion last until 30 April 2009 if I am not wrong.

Well, the cheapest for Cure should be additional 10% off, and that is if you are an airport staff.

Hope this piece of information is useful!

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