Friday, April 10, 2009

9th April 2009

Went to the airport with Ling to buy things at Watsons and also picked up my Clinique Clarifying moisture lotion 2 (400ml) (I tried the sample that the SA gave me sometimes 2 weeks ago..I find that its not bad,as this one does not contain alcohol (compared to their normal clarifying lotion 2) Sometimes doing skin analysis + giving out samples to customers = business opportunity for the company. The SA who served us was also very genuine and friendly.

Ok, 400ml is the airport edition.. The retail price for 200ml is $37 but airport selling 400ml at $39.10. What a big difference.. which mean I pay $2.10 more to get another 200ml. Its a bargain, I should say.
At Watsons, Ling bought 3 bottles of Cures and grab all 7 Tampax pearl boxes she saw.. Haha.. so exaggerating right?? But its really cheap, because no GST, minus $5 off $30 purchase, and can get free 1hr carpark coupon. The good news Cure is listed on the shelf at Watsons T3... think should have many people calling in to buy that is why they gave it a space.

Yes, we went to play the hammering game again...

And we got all Disney Collectibles.. Today then I realise the $25 voucher is not Cash voucher.. its $25 off for purchase of $250 Samsonite voucher. .. so we got 5 Disney collectibles... I think that is actually not the lousiest prizes, but the better ones.. better the vouchers come with a minimum spend and not a cash voucher which I initially thought it will be.

Think Roy enjoyed the hammering game.. it even broke the highest score... haha.. he hit quite a number of times to get so many disney cushions... 

Later on, we went to Popeyes to eat fried chicken, cajun fries, chicken burger..but the business so good until they ran out of ice.. Without ice, the drinks really not cold at all lor...
Had a great evening at the airport!! Thanks Ling & Roy.

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