Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: Jose Eber Hair Curler and Mini Straightener

Wendy had bought a Jose Eber hair curler and a mini straightener quite some time back.. and when she told me that she had bought the curler, I was excited and todl her to lend me to try try..see if I can manage to curl my whole hair anot... ( I always saw this product at the pushcart at Vivo City, and the curls that it can create is also lovely.. i mean when the sale assistant tried on the customer's hair... ) I had a Philips hair curler at home which I seldom used, because its too difficult to use.. so I thought Jose Eber one might be different since its different concept, as in its a rod, plus a glove..

Here it is: Jose Eber Hair Curler. Got Ah Mohs sale assistants selling these curler at push carts at Suntec City, Vivo City etc...

I was pretty excited to try this product, so the first thing I did was to try this curler... ok, I kiap my hair into 2 sections, follow by separating into 3 sections.. but it was a disaster.. I think my left and right hands could not co-ordinate well..

I find this curler very difficult to use.. It almost burnt my cheek if I bring it a little closer to my cheek.. Think I am really gone case when using such stuff.. because its really very hard for me to curl the back section of my hair.. I dont know how you girls manage that.. For me, I couldnt .. and I gave up after 10mins of trying.. I tried to curl fewer strands and the curls are nicer, but I simply cannot managed to curl my hair at the back.. Think something wrong with my co-ordination for sure..

Wendy also passed me this mini hair straightener, the smallest hair straightener I ever see in real life.. so cute, I have put a black name card just besides the hair curler to show how small the straightener is, ( and it comes in 3-pin adapter easier to use)

Ok, and here is a comparison of my Philips Straightener vs Jose Eber Mini Straightener..


Can see a great difference right??

Haha, anyway, Ling was telling me Wendy also passed me the hair straightener to let me straighten back my hair in case curling my hair failed.. haha, indeed I failed..

Oh I also tried this mini and cute Jose's hair straightener, and it did straighten my fringe..but if one has long hair, i think really will take a long long time to straighten the whole head.. ( wendy said her hair is long and if she used it to straighten her whole head, she can perspire..) haha.. bt I do find it handy for travelling use, especially when one wants to straighten the fringe part... Ok, but not very practical for use to straighten whole head on a daily basis, especially if one has very long hair.. unless for short hair it should be ok..

Ok.. now that I had tried Jose Eber hair curler on my own hair, I realise its difficult to use, and may easily burnt my face if I am not very careful enough.. as such, I find this product really not suitable for me.. haahaa, I think I will not crave to buy this product whenever I walked passed Jose Eber push cart at Vivo City because I even have problems using it...

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