Sunday, April 5, 2009

Biotherm’s White D-Tox [CELLULAR] Gallery @ Centrepoint Atrium ( 4th April 2009)

I was very happy and lucky to be selected by Cozycot to attend Biotherm’s White D-Tox [CELLULAR] Workshop @ Centrepoint Atrium on 4th April 2009.

Before the start of the event, we were served light refreshments:

these sushi were delicious.. I ate both flavours, it has a fried ebi in the middle.. ( see the leave-like bowl, at first I thought we were suppose to take the whole bowl , then I tried to take..but unable to.. haha, we were supposed to just take the sushi itself .. later I also saw others trying to take the plate out too .. I am not the only one!haha)

These lovely sandwiches were so cute and nice! Ham with cheese on top of cucumber..

Fruit punch were also served to us in mini cute plastic cups..

Meet this lovely lady: Ms Cassandra ( Biotherm's trainer)

She shared with her on some of Biotherm products and told us that all biotherm products include this special ingredient called Pure Thermal Plankton ( PTP in short) It has exceptional soothing properties and proven regenerative powers. The products are enriched with PTP to activate skin's defenses to help prevent ageing too.

We learnt more about: White D-Tox [Cellular] makeup base SPF 25 PA++

3 colours were used on the model, and it does make a difference on the model's face when I took a closer look at the model's face after the presentation.

this product is specially created for Asian skin, and it comes with 5 shades to correct specific skin tone concerns.

On the live demonstration:

Ivory (Yellow) was used first on the model's eyes areas, and it does cover dark circles a little.. this product is safe and even suitable to be used on our delicate eye areas. It can also be applied on the corners of our nose.

White was the next color that was used on the model's T-zone. It does give an instant brightening effect, making the T-zone less dull.

Next Coral ( pink) was used on the model's cheeks, it gives a luminous effect as it contains light-reflecting properties in it as well.

As I had makeup on, I did not remove my makeup to test the makeup base on my face. however, we were all given some to test on the back of our hands during the presentation.. It was very blendable and smooth. We were invited to test the products on our faces too.. And my friend tried the product and love it that she bought the product on the spot, as a special deal was given exclusive to cotters during the event. So she got a free deluxe size whitening cleanser as she purchased the makeup base on the spot.

Not to forget the lovely doorgifts that was given to us:

Biotherm Celluli Laser Biofibrine high precision slimming treatment
Biotherm BioPur Pore Reducer ( gentle purfiying gel)
Biotherm White D-Tox [Cellular] melano-block ultra-whitening serum
B for Biotherm cute keychain

And I was one of the lucky ones to win this prize during the Q & A session!

A special Thank you to Biotherm for sharing with us the beauty in Biotherm products ( at least now I know what is special about Biotherm products and the special ingredient like Pure Thermal Plankton [PTP] and let us enjoy a nice and fulfilling afternoon at the event. Thank
you for sponsoring cotters the lovely doorgifts, prizes and Thank you Casssandra for taking time off to give us a fun presentation on the wonderful makeup base.

Last but not least, thank you Cozycot for selecting for this event!

Looking forward to attend in the coming events!!

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