Thursday, April 23, 2009

Detroit Metal City

Watched this earlier at Vivo City.. I think this week should be the last week of screening! think the whole cinema only got like 10 customers.

Ok, Although I am not a metal rock lover.. this movie is quite nice .. I enjoyed watching it.. the actor got 2 personalities and its so funny seeing him acting normally, like a sissy. ( he seem more confident when he is acting Krauser) Some parts I almost tear but still can control, I think his mother know he is Krauser and she is very happy and supportive of him. All Krauser's hardcore fans very funny... worshipped him ..

Krauser II - the evil
Negishi - very gentle and timid lor.. ( Just now then realise Negishi is L from Death Note, no wonder he look familiar)

Like a few parts which Krauser very funny, like coming out in the middle of the farm to educate his brother to study hard and told hi, that his brother's Negishi has a nice hair style..
However, I find the ending too abrupt.. still a nice show. The female actress is very beautiful.


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