Monday, April 6, 2009

I Received My Surprise Gift At My Door Step

This morning, 30minutes after M1 came to deliver my brother's new phone, someone was calling me at the door.. Then I saw a young guy in Dpex uniform, and he was holding a mail.. I acknowledged on the slip before he handed the mail to me...

Guess What Is Inside????




Ta Da.....

Summit Shoes Privilege Card Renewal with 20% discount voucher.

About 2 weeks ago, I got an unexpected message from Summit Shoes on my post (about my shoes), saying that they would want to send me a voucher as a token of appreciation for my warm support... and here it arrived at my doorstep, with a renewal membership card included.

Yes, I have been buying shoes from Summit Shoes at JB, City Square outlet in the past 2 years +, and owned their Privilege card. Most of the times, I bought 2-3 pairs at one go.. I like Summit shoes as they are cheap and comfortable. And one of member's privilege is we get to enjoy 30% discount on our birthday.. and I bought 3 pairs last December..they were so comfortable that I ended up buying back the same designs ( its quite rare of me to repeat buying shoes/clothes in the same design over again..but I did)

My mum and me like this pair of slippers so much that we bought 3 pairs of this in different colors. It has a larger base at the top part, making it more comfortable.. Had been wearing it through rain & shine. It is less than $10 when I bought on my birthday.

This is my 2nd pair in the same design, the 1st one has got a different base, like flowery pattern..but the newer version comes in crocodile-like patterns.. I like its comfort and design.

Here is another pair of Summit Shoes that I have. But I seldom wear, maybe once or twice, because I bought the wrong size, my mum recommended me to buy 36 for this wrapped design, but I should have bought my usual size which is 35.
haha.. Enough of black shoes.. !! Guess what after I received Summit Shoes renewal card and special voucher, I went to JB, City Square with my mum this afternoon, and headed to Summit Shoes at level 2 and 2 shoes caught my eyes, a red and a blue one.. I shall ask my friend if they want any shoes so that I can go in again to buy 3 pairs to fully utilise my 20% discount voucher.
Looking forward to buying more Summit Shoes!

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