Monday, April 6, 2009

Review: Kose White Mask

After reading the Kose skincare thread about the Kose white mask, I went to apply the mask..It is pretty hard to say in words how much of the mask to use... so I thought I can take pictures of the amount of the mask I used. Its quite difficult to take the camera on my left hand, while the mask is on my finger of my right hand.. normally I take the camera using my right hand..Here are the pictures:

Oppss.. the mask is going to drip.. while I reach out for my camera.. this is the estimated amount used on my forehead.

Estimated Amount used on my left cheek.

Estimated amount used on my right cheek.

Estimated amount used on my nose.

And I also squeeze alittle bit out for my chin and upper lip areas.

See it cover my whole cheek.. not too thickly nor too thinly..( Please ignore the large pores on my face!)

After 20minutes of applying the mask, I peel it off from the outside and I can see the facial hair all being peeled off.. and my skin will sort of feel cleaner... After peeling off the masks, in 2 pieces ( first is peel the forehead section, then follow by the rest of the face in 1 piece, sometimes can be whole piece if i am careful and more gentle) Normally I will use a wet cotton wool to dab off the remaining little bits of mask here and there on other parts of my face, and follow by a final rinse with a splash of tap water... And then continue with my toner and/or SK-II essence, eye cream and finishing it off with moisturiser.

I took some pictures after I peeled off the mask:

See some bits of mask left here and there.. like under the chin, upper lips.. (please ignore my big pimple!)

Can see the facial hairs being peel off?? Gross!!

DON'T apply this mask directly to your under eyes or on your lips.

As mentioned before, I have used a few tubes of this Kose White mask in the last couple of years, think it should be one of the very few masks that I re-purchase a few times. And $18 is really super cheap. In fact, its my first time seeing it offering at this price! Definietly worth buying because the retail price is $35.

Why I like this mask? I like the fact that it makes my face feel cleaner after using it. And ripping off the mask is also quite shiok! haahaa...

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