Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 4th Fr3b Package Arrived!

I was suppose to receive this parcel yesterday but I was bathing when the postman came.. so bo pian have to walk down to the post office to collect...

  • Complete Multi purpose Solution (60ml) & lens case
  • P2 Revitalise Multi purpose solution (10ml x10) with lens case ( think I saw this at Watsons for $5++, its a retail size sample)
  • Fennel Handy pack (2 pcs)

Ordered On: 9th April 2009 (Thursday)
Received On: 13th April 2009 ( Monday)

Postage paid $2.40

You can get your free samples by clicking :


Anonymous said...

How come u requested for registered mail but the postage is so cheap?

Sharon said...

Hi, I did not request for registered mail.. $2.40 is for normal postage. The reason why the postman came up to my door strp because my letter box is those olden days type, he cannot slot it in so came up to deliver.. and left me a normal delivery note when I did not open the door. (It is not a registered mail delivery note though)

if yours is those new letter box in new estates, the postamn will drop the mail from behind the letter box right? just that mine is the older days letter box..

Hope that clear yoru doubts('',)