Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive Refining Eye Mask

Today is my first time trying My Beauty Diary eye mask that I bought from my trip to taiwan last year. Of course, I dont expect instant result or obvious result using this.. but eye masks sort of provide some form of hydration to my dry undereyes ( with dark circles)

Something unique about the shape of the eye mask is that it covers bother the eyelids and under eyes.. Noramlly the eye masks I use only can cover undereyes.. but this one still care about the eye lids.. not bad.. when I placed the masks on my eye areas, it stay put in its place, without sliding down..

Smell: I dont really smell any heavy fragrance. Like no smell.

After effect: Not really super obvious result, but the remaining essence easily absorbed into my eye areas with little massage.

Packaging: 3 packets per box.

Cost: NT$120 per box ( available in Taiwan Kang shi mei, SASA etc.. their watsons dont have though, their 7-11 eleven may have, since they carry 2 pieces My beauty diary masks)

Any Allergy: Touch Wood! I did not experience any itchness during and after using the eye masks.

This eye mask is not bad, because I like the fact its designed to cover the eyelids as well.

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