Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: Acuvue Clear Contact Lenses

I have been wearing Acuvue Clear contact lenses for the past 3 days, and they are really not comfortable, I will still feel the pain or dryness, and itchness most of the times.. (Think i really not suitable to wear contact lenses) 

I seldom wear contact lenses in the past because most contact lenses made my eyes itchy..except for Freshkon Alluring eyes which surprisingly dont made my eyes feel terribly itchy .. Maybe my eyes are more compatible to Freshkon brands.. 

Product: Acuvue Clear Contact lenses Descriptions:
  • ACUVUE® CLEAR™ offers comfort and ease of use, and also offer UV-Blocking* and are affordably priced to fit your budget.
  • ACUVUE® CLEAR™ is made from material that is soft, flexible and contains water to allow oxygen through the lens, so your eyes breathe easier.

Key Benefits:
  • ACUVUE® CLEAR™ costs the same as a pair of spectacles. Yet you gain so much more freedom for your eyes.
  • Made from proven etafilicon A material, which is soft and comfortable.

Packaging: 6 pieces per box. Price: RM$50/box ( which mean less than SG$7 per pair)

Place Where I bought: Optical Shop in JB, City square

Conculsion: Think the descriptions and benefits as stated above (which I extracted from Acuvue website) does not apply to me.. Yes, Its no doubt cheap..but its just not comfortable. My eyes still will feel discomfort every now and then. Plus its quite hard to wear, maybe its super soft and the lenses kept becoming flat on my finger tips when I try to put on, instead of holding on to the bowl shape.. but its easy to remove..

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