Monday, May 18, 2009

16th May 2009

I went to an Sk-II event with Tiphanie... there was an Agnes B fashion show together with the Sk-II event but we were very surprised to find an Agnes B card holder inside our door gift... and Sk-II even included a 15g Signs Totality treatment for us.. haha, this is the product that is quite rich for me, that my previous 15g Signs Totality treatment which I got from gift with purchase, I gave my mum to use.. gonna give this jar to my mum too... some of the early birds who were early like got 30ml Facial treatment essence instead of the signs totality treatment..

Takashimaya square having Best Denki fair, so I also picked up a box of black ink cartridge for my printer since there was 20% discount.. Normally IT fair also give 20% discount for ink cartridges, so bought a box because my black ink level seemed quite low.. ( the other day when I called in to Epson customer care hotline and asked the staff why my ink cartridges depleted so fast.. because when I purchased the printer, the sale person told me one cartridge can print at least 200-300 copies.. so I was shocked why the black and color ink levels all dropped so fast when I like only printed less than 20 copies... ) only then I realised that the set of ink cartridges that came together with the printer were not the retail packs, meaning the ink only 1/4 filled and not full.. I thought something wrong with my printer..

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