Monday, May 11, 2009

Dior Event At Paragon - Dior Iconic Extreme Mascara

Went for Dior event on 8th May 2009 at Paragon...

makeup demonstration on Dior makeup palette which consists of 1 eyeshadow base, 2 eyeshadow colors, 1 highlight and 1 color for eyeliner. Cost $91 though.. but can create many different look.

The lip color always look very nice on the model ( Linda) ... ok, she is very pretty so no need makeup also be pretty... but with some makeup, it enhanced her overall look and made her even prettier.. and she is very tell, 1.77m.. WOW!

Here is my door gift... and so lucky that the SA gave me and Jeanie a sample of the Iconic Extreme mascara.. ( haha, last time I got the sample for the Iconic mascara, now I got their latest Extreme mascara to try..)

Ok, ... the main difference betweeen Iconic and Iconic Extreme is that the latter is rinseable with 38 degree celsius water.. and both mascara are able to curl our lashes without the use of a manual curler.

And during the Q & A, I managed to answer a question and got myself a goodie bag.. ('',)same as the door gift but without the fragrance vial.

Special thanks to Dior for sending me the SMS invite...

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