Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gala Premiere Screening Of Night At The Museum 2

I won a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere Screening of Night At The Musuem 2 at GV Max for today at 7pm, but the show started at 7.35pm. ( There was no commercials though)

Think alot of people stuck at the compulsory phone check-in before entering the theatre, yes we need to deposit all our handphones with the counters, I saw people ahving to deposit their laptops as well.

There was even bag checks conducted at the entrance of the theatre..

I wonder why they are so strict??? Like waste time .. because at the end of the movie, we still need to go and queue for our phones.. but it was pretty fast, we got our phones in less than 5 mins.. think the staff were very experience and organised in handling this phone deposit thing, because they could find our packages within less than 30 seconds..

Ok, back to the movie.. it was just so-so.. nothing fantastic, personally I find part 1 like nicer.. part 2 shows how Ben Stiller goes about saving some of the characters who had been transferred to another museum, tried to break the code for the gold tablet etc... but I like the ending where he requested the museum to operate in the night... haha, the museum became so lively.. and the visitors thought the characters were fake or computerised....

It is not a boring show, but its also not a very exciting show.. will give it 6.5 out of 10...

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