Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How I Clean My Makeup Sponges With Daiso Sponge Cleaner

This is how I normally washed my makeup sponges. For step 1 can try adding warm water to the sponge after pouring some sponge cleaner, before rubbing the sponge..

Can also use a small bowl, and mix in warm water and the sponge cleaner before dipping in your dirtied sponge to wash...

I think now Daiso like got another brush cleaner.. I saw from cozycot that some cotters bought the sponge cleaner which come in a flat bottle, not like this round bottle...Not too sure if its the same thing.. but if it does the job of cleaning the dirtied sponges, it should be ok.

This Daiso sponge cleaner is good and cheap. Highly recommended! I so kiasu that I bought 3 bottles last time, because it is always sold out very fast.

To see how I wash my makeup brushes, can click on this entry.

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