Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I Clean My M.A.C 187 Brush

I was reading on the best brush buys thread when I saw cotters discussing about how to wash their brushes..and I remember that I had not washed my 187 brush after I last use it... So just now while I was cleaning my dirtied 187 brush, I took some photos to share..hope it helps...

I have a few brushes, those expensive ones like M.A.C 187 brush, I would use MAC brush cleanser to wash, while I will use Johnson's baby top to toe wash to clean my cheaper brushes..

Just to share my way of cleaning my dirtied M.A.C 187 brush (as shown below):

Look at the white bristles, it is now dark beige - its is the color of my Long lasting Revlon liquid foundation..I had left it unclean for 1 week ( the last time I used this brush) For hygiene purpose, I make it a point to clean the brush after each use, or before each use.

Items that I need during the cleaning process:

1) M.A.C brush cleanser that I had poured into a small spray bottle for easy usage and prevent unnecessary wastage of the cleanser ( One friendly M.A.C Makeup artist taught me this method of cleaning and adviced me to get a spray bottle)

2) I will also need a piece of kitchen towel ( those that your mum usually uses to soak fried food stuffs, just need 1 piece will do)

3) Before I start my job, I will normally fold the piece of kitchen towel to quarter size like this:

( by folding it, it is easily to clean the brush, and can also use back and front of the towel)

Ready go:

I started by spraying 2-3 pumps onto the folded kitchen towel, I also sprayed onto the dirtied ( dark beige) bristles.. note not to spray on to the ferrule or metal part to prevent any cleanser from getting into the wooden part.

Next I swept the bristles onto the kitchen towel in an up and down direction. Then I turned the towel to the back and continue to do the same thing. ( if you sprayed the cleanser onto the towel, the back part of the towel so also have some cleanser, so dont waste it..continue to swept the bristles on the back part of the towel... Then I will repeat the above step on other parts of the towel... at least have to swept on different new areas to remove all the liquid foundation.. ( think mine Revlon liquid foundation is really long lasting so need more time to clean)

I repeat the above steps, and in the end I dirtied the towel...which mean my brush is clean already...

See the liquid foundation has been transferred to the kitchen towel..

Da da... My M.A.C 187 brush become clean again ( off-white)

to see better, i put against a different background....

Note: I find that its easier to clean the bristles immediately after use... ( if you get your clothing stained, its also easier to wash off the stains immediately rather than let it sit for hours) ... but sometimes when we are in the rush to go out, we will have to leave it for day(s) before cleaning it... but dont worry, the bristles still can be cleaned, just take a little longer time.

Hope that helps....

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lynn said...

hi! how much is the where did you get your small spray bottle? do you know how much liquid it can hold?

Sharon said...

Hi lynn,

The MAC cleanser cost $18,and I bought the spray bottle from SASA at around $1.05 (if I remember correctly), less than $1.50.. these spray bottles come in various sizes depending on your preference.. I think the one that I have can hold around 50ml of liquid.. if you have any used spray bottle also can clean it properly and reused the bottle.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for dropping by my blog('',)