Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anyone Got Call from +01961211 too?

This morning I received 2 calls from this weird number +01961211 twice in a row.. but I did not answer ( I never answer weird numbers calls from overseas) ..

However, just now I did a search of +01961211 and found out that there were others people in Singapore who received this number too...

And some reported that :

"I got the call. It's an Indian man trying to promote some gold card stuff. Say no charges no nothing but got a one time registration of $59.90."

But after hearing many stories about those China fraud cases ( which one of my friends encountered).. I am quite skeptical about answering overseas weird number calls...

Anyone of you got the call from +01961211 ??


Tan12 said...

Hi Sharon, i was Google-ing the number "01961211" when i chanced upon your blog. i received a call at around 6 pm SG time from a private number, the called introduced himself as Anthony. I was irked as i recognized the delay which means he was using Internet Phone which usually translated to unsolicited phone calls... geez. 5 sec has just passed since i picked up the call and questioned where he was calling from. another 5 sec, nothing.... "Harlow, where are u calling from, Anthony?!" i demanded. Anthony hung up....

Cursing, i set down my phone and less than a minute later, i received another call from another private number. i answered with, "Anthony, where are u calling from *sigh*" The line goes dead again.

The third time, instead of an private number, Caller ID revealed, "+01961211", this is i picked up the phone and waiting for the caller to response. "Harlow! I am Anthony" comes the familiar Indian accent. I hung him up.

yea, Google the number does not seems to yield much result. i called my Service Operator which only can recommend me to lodge a police report. geezzz....

What a nuisance.

Sharon said...

Hi Tan12,

Oppss.. so I was not the only victim.. I did not answer the call at all..

I received around 10am+ this morning, first I did not answer, so the person called again the 2nd time, but I also did not answer..

So its really an Indian guy?

think we better dont pick up any overseas call, or else dont know what scam calls.. plus dont know if we will be charge for answering that overseas call...

By the way, I called my service provider earlier.. and asked if I can block overseas calls and the answer is NO.. so no choice, we have to screen these calls by ourselves..

My service provider did not ask me to go make police report though.

yes, they are really a nuisance.