Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Salute Brand Premium Tea

last week, I went to my best friend's house and she made me a cup of tea using this packet of Salute Brand Premium 2 in 1 red tea.. and gosh, it was ultra smooth and the sweetness is just nice..

Ling's father told me that he bought back from Penang, he said KL also dont have... and he told me this week he will be going to Penang, so I asked him helped me buy back one packet.

I think which amuse me was its actually 2-in-1 tea-O, but maybe its red tea, so it was very smooth, something like the red tea of bubble red tea.. and Salute brand also have a range of packet beverages, such as kopi-O without sugar... I am a tea lover, so this tea suit me, I even find it much better than the boh-tea and lipton which are not smooth compared to this Salute brand red tea.

So if you see this Salute brand 2 in 1 tea, do buy a packet to try and be WOW by its ultra smoothness that you can even make it just by pouring hot water in a cup...

Or if you know anywhere in Singapore or anywhere in Johor Bahru which sell this, do let me know too... Cheers...

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