Thursday, June 25, 2009

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Perfume 100ml

When I was at Cozycot office to collect my Zeno prize, the staff also pass me another prize which is a big bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Perfume 100ml for being one of the lucky 20 winners to blog about Why I Love Cozycot.. ( I think I only got to know that I am one of the winners, and Cozycot already prepared the prize for me, so that I can collect 2 prizes at 1 time) ...

See one of the many reasons why I love Cozycot...

Another big big thank you to Cozycot for noticing my blog entry on Why I Love Cozycot. And Special thanks to Calvin Klein for sponsoring these lovely perfumes for cotters.

Think they only published 4 blogs out, which mean there should be another 16 Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Perfume for grabs.. Just tell Cozycot why you love Cozycot, and you have a chance to be rewarded. Cheers!

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