Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I finally managed to make nice half-boiled egg

Anyone of you encountered problems when you want to cook half-boiled egg?... I always have.. my eggs were either not cooked ( with transparent yolk seen) or over-cooked ( with the yolk and whites hardened) when I broke the half-boiled egg..

But earlier, I finally managed to make a nice one...

I always thought need to use super hot boiling water, but today I was lazy to boil water, so I just filled hot water from my automatically boiler, into a small metal pot ( around half filled) before putting in an egg which I just took out from the fridge. I waited for around 11 minutes before taking the egg out, and cracked it with a metal spoon. and I had a nice half-boiled egg which the white dont stick onto the inner shell at all..

Haiz, dont know why all along I thought need to use boiling water, there was once when I immersed the egg into boiling water and let it boil for a few seconds.. the result- overcooked egg, which almost became hard boiled egg.

When I was young ( in primary school), I remember eating soft boiled eggs before going to school in the morning like 6am++, and my mum use a 2-tier plastic container to make half-boiled eggs.. think its easier to use this plastic container, and confirm will have nice half-boiled eggs, because once the hot water dripped to the bottom tray, mean the eggs are already half-boiled... If you go to those shops that sell utensils, pots and pans, you will be able to find these 2 tier plastic containers which are meant to make half-boiled eggs...

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