Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Small Collection Of Makeup Brushes

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I love cosmetics especially cosmetics tools such as makeup brushes, Rubis of Switzerland tweezers, eyelash curlers ... here is my small collection of makeup brushes. (including the cheap brushes)

1st one on the left is my most expensive brush out of my collection- Shu Uemura Pony 20 blusher brush. The bristles is soft, but I find it abit flat.. normally the Shu Pony 20 brush display piece at the Shu counter are all fluffy (pong-pong) type,...but mine still in its original condition which is abit flat.. I find my blusher brush to be pong pong type.. nonetheless, I use this brush when I use my Shu blusher, since the size of the brush fit the pan of the blusher... I heard cotters mentioning their Shu Pony 20 brush still look as good as new one even after 8 years, so I guess its a quality brush..

2nd brush: MAC 187 - My HG liquid foundation brush, slightly cheaper than Shu 20. I really love this brush, I use it everytime I apply my liquid foundation. Not only I will use less liquid foundation, it saves me time and provide even coverage. Just tap tap, swirl swirl and done.. After using this 187, and back to using sponge.. I dont like the coverage the sponge give. So far, I have yet to use 187 for blushers, heard its good to apply pigmented blushers with it..

3rd brush: MAC 217- A highly raved blending brush, so I bought it.. Its quite good to blend out harsh lines..

The next 5 brushes (still in wrappers) are my Color forms brush set which I still cant bear to use until today.. haha.. they are 187SE, 168SE, 212SE, 275SE, and 219SE.

The next 5 green brushes are my MAC brushes from the pattern maker collection. They are 129SE, 239SE, 316SE, 266SE and 219SE. Well, as you all know the quality of MAC SE brushes are not so good compared to their full size ones.. but surprisingly, I find this 129SE in this collection to be quite good, soft and not scratchy at all. I have used it for a few months and its still in good condition. still soft and in good shape.

The next four brushes in black are from, in fact I have them for a couple of years and these are the brushes that I reach for whenever I do my makeup.. I use them almost every time.. They are pretty good. This is a closer picture of these 4 crown brushes.

The next batch of pinkish-purple handled brushes - are a set of no brand brushes which I have them for more than 6 years, and still using them quite often now..

Next is the shortest brush, its the kabuki brush from EDM ( Everyday minerals), I remember I bought this from a cotter for $13, and I actually bought it for the purpose of EDM products, but too bad I dont quite like EDM mineral foundation.. so I seldom use this brush.. but this should be my softest brush out of my collection..its really super super soft!

Follow by the bodyshop blusher brush ( green handle), It has been a long time since I use this brush.. because I find it cannot pick up colors well, and the bristles like too flat.. the bristles are soft since they are made of synthetic hairs.. but personally I dont like to use it for applying blushers..

The next one is the Kate eyeliner brush ( short black handled) - this brush is included when I bought my Kate gel liner, and its quite good to use to apply gel liner, the bristles are firm yet soft, to draw the liner.

Ok lastly, the next 4 handled brushes are Estee Lauder brushes, which were included when I purchased the blockbuster makeup set, I seldom use them , even 2 of them are still brand new in wrappers.

That is all for my makeup brushes .. I am now thinking of getting Sigma makeup brushes.. they look like quite good ( but I am considering between the 12 pieces complete set US$64 or the new 6 pieces face/eye set at US$49) .. I also want to own some bobbi brown brushes in future..

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