Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clinique Star Skin Care Event At Isetan Scotts

I went to Clinique Star Skin Care Event At Isetan Scotts just last week.. And gonna these nice gifts after indulging in Clinique's 3 step skincare, a mask to deal with my specific concern and a light makeover..

( Click On Image to Enlarge)

( Click On Image to enlarge)

This Clinique's Star Skin Care Event is available at Isetan.. However, the 3 piece gift set which I was given was exclusive to Isetan Scotts.. which mean if you go to other Isetan Clinique;s counter you can still get your complimentary 3-step skin care consultation, but if you want to have a quickie facial + light makeover, with the 3 piece gift set, you got to go to Isetan Scotts.

Isetan Scotts Clinique's counter number is 67350286.

Enjoy ('',)

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