Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates Of My Eye Lash Perming

( Click on image to enlarge, for all the above pictures, my lashes are bare, without mascara)

It has been more than 1 month since I last used my manual eyelash curlers.. The eyelash perming I done at Browhaus can last for more than 1 month... luckily not straighten within a few days... haha..

Actually perming lashes can save the time to curl lashes.. can immediately proceed to put on mascara.

I had tried eyelash extension around 2 years back.. Personally I find eyelash perming better than eyelash extension. The latter too mafan, although the effect is good, but it can barely last a few days before all the lashes drop out one by one.. ( its not nice when one side half botak, and the other side still intact.. so have to rush back to the beautician for touch up when such thing happen) For my case, as I have very short and straight lashes, if the extended lashes drop off, its quite obvious when there is a hole..

But on the other hand, for Eyelash perming I dont have to worry about the lashes falling out, and dont to take extra care when sleeping or when washing my face, or cleaning my eyes or removing my eye makeup.. because all are my real lashes.. just that they are permed..

Eyelash extension really have to take special care to avoid the eye area, and even removing still need special glue..

I will go for eyelash perming again.. ('',)

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