Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fr3b and Zample Appearing On The Straits Times

This afternoon, I was blogging about fr3b and Zample.com and just now when I was having dinner with my mum, she was telling me that she saw from newspapers about websites giving free samples, and mentioned about fr3b.. then I told her I was member and had been redeeming free samples and got my referral rewards from them for the past 2 months... haha.. So I quickly go to read the Straits Times ( 14th July Home Section, Page B2) quite a big article not to missed.. I also told my mum that last week Urban also mentioned that fr3b was set up by 2 poly graduates who are only 20 years old.. On the article, I also saw Zample.com being mentioned..and its only 3 month old website, and their first wave has been overwhelming and that it has to scramble to get more samples from a wilder variety of sources. And it looks like this marketing tactic is popular in Taiwan and Japan... ok, I am happy that I am a member of these 2 local websites.. ('',)



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