Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ice Age 3

haha, I got carried away ranting about the worst rojak that I have eaten that I forget to write about the movie that I watched on Saturday night after dear send my mum home.

We went to watch Ice Age 3 at Tampines Mall for the 11.15pm show. I saw good raves about this cartoon so told dear about it... haha, since it was a cartoon, we did not do online booking.. and since we are watching at a neighbourhood GV .. we just went ahead to the mall to buy the tickets... haha, there was a show at 11.30pm Ice Age 3 in 3D format.. Surprisingly, the tickets were selling fast, left with 1st/2nd rows.. so we watched the normal format one.

I remember years ago, I watched a ghost movie called the Park, also in 3D format, have to wear the plastics spec.. haha, made me giddy!

Anyway, Ice Age 3 was quite funny and entertaining. The characters all were very cute, the 3 little dinosaurs, the 2 squrriels which were fighting for the walnut, then later fell in love.. haha.. Overall, quite a nice movie.. 7.5 out of 10.

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