Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fr3b's 1st Sampling Concept Store

Last week I read from Urban and realised that fr3b was actually set up by 2 Temasek Polytechic graduates Elfaine and Kingsley. And they are only 20 years old. They are so young yet are already entrepreneurs.. What was I doing when I was 20 years??

Now they even bring fr3b to even a greater height, by setting up a real fr3b concept store at Stamford house.

This store will allow you to shop for up to 8 FREE product samples each time you visit the store!
Of course, we are bigger and better now because, in the concept store you will find so many products you have never seen them online like:

1. Brands Prune Essence – Retail Size
2. Clinical serum – worth s$30
3. Potato chips & Lozenges – Retail Size
4. New brands from Korea – Dr Jart, THE FACE SHOP, Elisha coy
5. Many fav brands – Mentholatum, SANA, Canmake, Biore , INEWBRAND green tea
6. Health care – Ginseng slice, Ginseng essence – Retail size& many more waiting for you to explore.

As there will be more than 120 types of samples waiting for you to bring them home for testing
Plus by signing to our $28 yearly membership to the concept store, you will get a goodie bag worth min S$50. Each goodie bag will be made up of random retail size products!

Some examples: BRTC BB CREAM Retail size, SANA Skincare & mascara Retail size, Lipice Retail size, ACNES Retail size, LOREAL Retail size & So many more! For more details, please visit: http://fr3b.com/concept_store/

Quite tempting right.. which mean for $28, I can get a goodie bag worth $50 and entitled to choose up to 8 samples ( including retail size products) at their concept store, and its valid for a year. Under the FAQs, they even states that members can go to their concept store everyday to redeem for free samples as long as they have enough points.

Anyone of you had joined? They are giving the goodie bags on Aug 1 and 2.. haha, I am still thinking if I should join.. Its quite tempting.. let me know if you are joining..

If you have not joined fr3b, and you are interested to join their 1 year membership to get the $50 worth of goodie bag, do click through by referral link to join:




Anonymous said...

hmmm, what does it mean *members can go to their concept store everyday to redeem for free samples as long as they have enough points*?

what points? how to get the points?
thank you!

Sharon said...


For a start, if anyone registered with fr3b as a member, he/she will be given 6 points for a start.

Each sample will cost you 2 points.
So if for the 1st time, you redeemed 3 samples online ( by paying for the postage), you will have 0 point in your account.

However, after trying the 3 samples, you can go back to fr3b website to write a short review/ or sometimes short surveys of the 3 products that you had sampled, the system will return you the 6 points, for you to use to redeem for the next round of sampling.. the cycle goes on like this.

To earn extra points:
1) you can refer your friends to join as members. For every 5 members whom you referred as members successfully, you will be rewarded with 1 point. ( 10 members will get you 2 points)

2) Alternatively, if you write reviews for other products which they have listed, you will also get 2 points.

Oo Lolipop oO said...

can we get samples we have already tried before at the concept store?

Sharon said...

Hi Lolipop,

I dont think we are allowed to redeem any sample more than once, so as to be fair for all members. Imagine, if everyone redeem a particular a few times, other members would not have the privilege to try out the item.

Even though I love the samples after trying out, I am unable to redeem again... but of course we can always pick up the full size item if we find it suit our skin. The good news is now we can even purchase the full size products from The Concept Store online and get to enjoy some discount/free gifts if we like the samples.

Hope that helps..

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Have a good week ahead!