Tuesday, July 14, 2009

13th July - Went JB again

Yesterday afternoon, I went City square with my mum again.. haha, this time round we did not have the tahu goreng, instead we ate madonalds.. and it only cost SG$5.80 for 2 filet-O-Fish sets, $2.90 for 1 set. Actually it would be cheaper if we had not change to Coffee. Their coffee and tea is more expensive than their cold drinks.

Did not eat Tahu Goreng as the shop was closed by the time we went to the shop at around 6pm+..

Some of the things I bought:

Just last week, I went to see doctor at Ang Mo Kip clinic and the doctor gave me this cream for my acne on my back.. and I saw to Ling, who told me that if she had known that doctor wanted to give me this cream, she would have asked me to buy from JB.. and said that Roy had a tube too, .. I bought from clinic at SG$32.. and JB only sell at RM$32.80 ( around $13.70) .. WOW, more than 50% cheaper lor... I remember last time I bought the pills to delay menses at JB too and the price difference also super big.. like SG$2 vs RM0.30 per pill. This Retin A is available in 3 types of percentage, the this blue is the 2nd higher.. I wondered if the highest % ( which is the red tube) will be more effective..

And to add, they were from the same batch somemore, just that I bought at different places( countries).. Around 55% cheaper if I have bought my 1st tube in JB. With SG$32++, I could have gonna 2 tubes in JB.

Haha, I got another pouch.. before hand, I bought Glow magazine in Watsons Singapore at SG$2 and chose the colorful bird prints.. and Watsons City Square sell these pouches individually... haha, so I bought another design.. They only got this flower design and the black one left..

Etude house got sale ( up to 50%) but I did not see what items fall under the 50% ... These accessories were going at 40% off.. The sale end 31 August 2009.

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