Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kiehl's Return Your Kiehl's Empties And Be Rewarded

On the 9th June 2009, I had spent $114 at Tangs on Kiehl's products and was given 2 chops.

And if I spent another $50 or return an empty, I can get the 3rd chop which entitled me to a free full size #1 Kiehl's lip balm... so this is what I did to the #1 lip balm that I was using a few days back.. I actually decant all its content into smaller tubs in order to get the empty tube...

This recycling program ends 31st July 2009, so I thought it will be better to return an emptied lipbalm so that I can get a brand new #1 lipbalm without spending a cent..

Despite using a couple of months, I still got alot left.. more than 70% left.. 1 tube seem to last a long time....

** So if you have kiehl's full size empties, you can bring them to any Kiehl's counters to redeem for your free kiehl's products..

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