Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Experience With Vernicia ( Women Health Screening)

I went for my health screening on 7th July 2009 and got my report just today ( 22nd July) .. at my neighborhood.

I think its quite messy and not professional as in Vernicia Clinic is like a moving clinic, a staff bring their barang barang like weighing machine, blood pressure kit around and do them at Gleneagle medical which they pre-booked the pap smear for the patient.Although its cheap, its really quite messy and not so personalized I feel.

The pap smear is painfree, but it is very sad and disappointed that they are using metal type instead of the disposable equipments when the gynae do the pap smear.Its cheap with many tests, but its lack the personal touch. No review of medical history or chat with the patient on their concerns.Will not be going back. but maybe 1 positive thing about them is they are sort of flexible, they allow me to pass them the stool for analysis the next time i get my report or within 6 months.

And they said they can even meet clients near their work place to pass them the report, and the nutritionist will make some recommendation.the health coordinator said the lucky plaza is their laboratory.

Actually I did consider a few before going to Vernicia's women health screeening package, but did not expect them to be quite messy and lack the personal touch, should have chat with customers regarding any concerns or medical reviews.

Anyway, before that, I was considering going to Polyclinics ( but all their packages include Chest X-Ray and ECG which I had done about 1month+ ago, so if do again quite boliao) for polyclinic, the women package which include pap smear cost $268.

I also got consider Raffles Medical.. And 3rd is Healthway..

should I have known that Vernicia dont have their own clinic, I would have gone to my family doctor clinic which I have been going for more than a decade. Because a day before going to Vernicia, I went to see my family doctor and I told my doctor that i would be going to do body checkup the next day, so she asked me to tell them my concerns.. but in the end, the so called health coordinator did not even check about my concerns, or measure my height, or any physical examination etc..

Healthway also charge $168 including $30 pap smear test, I checked their package, all the tests more or less the same as what vernicia is offering but Vernicia got test for breast cancer and cancer for ovaries ( which would cost additional $50 at healthway)..

So conclusion is Vernicia is cheap, with many tests ( and flexible since they are like operating as a moving clinic).. but they are not professional doctors and do not have a clinic. Do nto expect them to ask about your concerns and check your family history.And the clinic that Vernicia engaged with at Gleneagle Medical Centre, do not even have disposable testing kit for doing pap smear.. My friend did hers medial checkup with the family doctor clinic got the option of using metal or disposable testing kit.. But I thought the clinic at Gleneagle Medical centre should offer their customers disposable testing kit, as in it will be more hygienic.. unless they want to cut cost until want to save on using disposable testing kit. thinking back, using metal testing kit during pap smear seem dangerous if the equipment has not be sterilized properly.

My overall experience with Vernicia:

  • Its cheap as it include many tests including pap smear. This is the $168 package which I took:
  • It allows up to 6 months for you to submit our stool for the stool analysis at their laboratories located at lucky plaza or Camden Medical Centre.
  • Payment will be made when you get your report.
  • Allow customers to collect their reports and give reviews near their offices/homes.
  • Give me a Privilege card to enjoy $5 discount for my future health screening packages.
  • There is practically no doctor to do review, examinations, or ask us about our concerns or family history.
  • Do not have a clinic on its own.
  • Quite messy
  • Not very professional.

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