Friday, July 24, 2009

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant At City Square

I go to City Square, JB pretty often..but this was my first time eating at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restuarant, last time it was a Zhi Char all these while, I thought its the Zhi Char restuarant.. At first my mum suggested to go to eat Zhi Char from this restuarant but when we were there and browsed the menu..we realised that it was not the previous Zhi Char Restuarant.. but a hOng kong Cafe.. the menu look rather tempting so we went in to try...

There were a lot of food available... and all look quite tempting.. in the end, we ordered their set meals.. unagi seafood rice stone bowl ( forgot the actual name, something like this) .. and fish fillet baked cheese rice in bamboo something.. ( paisei, I forgot the name of this dish too) .. but I got took pictures with my hp...

RM16.90 ( This is NICE!.. and alot of ingredients)

RM16.90( this is rather a simple and plain dish, although it has got cheese, its not overwhelmed with the cheese .. ok for me I find for the fish ( the fish dont have any fishy smell which is a plus point) , although the stone rice is nicer... there is a lotus leaf at the bottom of the rice.. )

Free dessert & a cup of drink ( as we ordered set meals) + a soup
The food were pretty nice for the price we paid.. imagine for SG$8+, we got eat a set meal which consist of a main course, a soup, a dessert and a cup of drink.

In the end, we reckon that we would be visiting the shop again so we applied for their lifetime membership card and got instant 10% off.. and brought home their free sanwich for month of July.. For RM15, we will be given 10 vouchers to redeem for free snacks/drinks for the coming months. 50% off birthday voucher was also given to us, which we can use 1 week before or after our birthday.
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant also available at Vivo City and Tampines 1, but I guessed the prices wont be as cheap as in Malaysia.
* But this membership card which I got only can be used in Malaysia.. HAHA.

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