Saturday, July 4, 2009

Square Watermelons Are Back!

I saw these square watermelons a few years back.. now they are back again.. Last time they were very expensive. Now after a few years, these square watermelons are still very expensive..
Recently my mum have been buying watermelons that cost less than $5 from NTUC/Cold Storage ..all are very red, sweet and juicy... But guess how much 1 square watermelon cost? even now, it cost SG$199 each at Carrefour Singapore hypermart.

Imagine if a round watermelon cost $5 each, I can buy 39 round watermelons with $199 (still got some change left)...

haha, maybe if I am a millionaire, I will buy to try .. but I dont think I will ever spend $199 to buy a square watermelon.. Will you?

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