Saturday, July 4, 2009

Astons @ 312 Balestier Road

1st July 2009, I went to Tuckshoppe Coffeeshop at 312 Balestier Road to eat Astons for the first time.. (This coffeeshop has nice toasted wholemeal peanut bread, I still remember Tiphanie recommended to this bread and brought me my first Tuckshoppe toasted wholemeal peanut bread) .. I went there a few months ago with a friend to eat the wholemeal peanut toast.. but a few days back, I went there to eat Astons.. I know there is Astons at Serangoon Garden but I never tried that before..

Anyway, it was my first time eating at Astons..

Here were what we ordered:

Each main dish is served with 2 sides ( think there were more than 10 selections of hot/cold sides to choose) .. but end up we ordered mashed potatoes, onion rings and garden salad. there were other sides such as french fries, corn, coleslaw, etc..

Anyway I ate the grilled fish with herbs, the fish was cannot make it, not fresh plus too peppery..think the cook must have put lots of pepper to cover the smell... the lemon lime chicken was nice.. The side dishes were ok, ... just that the grilled fish quite terrible.. I will not order their grilled fish again!

There is another coffee shop further down the road ( nearer to the tau sar bing shops side) which served quite nice western food at a much cheaper price. Sometimes I will go there to eat ...

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