Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Aug 2009 - Visit to fr3b

7 Aug'09 - I went to fr3b concept store to collect my 2nd goodie bag and to get more samples.. I was so paisei that I reached so late.. but the staff waited for me.. I chatted with the one of the owners ( Elfanie) and was very impressed with her passion, dedication and excellent customer service rendered to her work, fr3b and to all customers. Elfanie may be younger than so many of her customers, but her dedication and excellent customer service won me over.

haha, if you asked me again if I regretted signing up for this $28 fr3b concept store membership.. the answer is NO! ... haha.. because I paid only $28 but ended with so many goodies (even though some members got better goodie bags than mine) and tons of samples.. In fact there were so many samples in the store that I had a hard time choosing.. so I just chose 8 samples this time because I know the next time when I visit the store again I can choose another 8 samples.. ( In fact, if one got the time, she/he can go down everyday to grab the samples if she/he has got enough points)

If you have yet to join fr3b, you can join their normal membership for free. Here is my link ( for every 5 referrals that registered through my link, I will get 1 point..)

I think this $28 concept store membership will be more worth it if you have not grab any samples before from fr3b.. because you can save on postage and handling feee when you go to fr3b concept store to get the samples directly. If your office is just near City Hall, you can even go once or twice a week to grab free samples.

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