Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tian Fu Steamboat At Tanjong Katong

8 Aug ( Sat), went to Tian Fu steamboat at Tanjong Katong with my dear around 8pm. Actually I had read many raves about Tian Fu steamboat from some popular food blogs and also Ling went 4 times and had been raving that its quite nice..and she especially told me to try its fried rice...

But maybe my expectation was too high that I ended up disappointed.. first of all, the service was rather bad, we waited for 10 minutes and nobody served us.. then when we ordered the food, the food arrived but the staff did not give us the pot of soup..

Actually Tian Fu steamboat should be famous for its unique Satay soup, but we do not dare to take the risk.. then ordered ma-la soup and dry scallop soup.. ok, after trying the ma-la soup which is super super hot, think we should have given the satay soup a try...

Ok, I think I really have super high expectation on the fried rice so the first thing I ate was the fried rice.. it was pretty normal.. I think Chinatown's People Park Complex level 2 food court's fried rice is much better... Ok, I did not really eat alot in the whole.. think the thing I find quite nice is their chilli sauce.. the chinese tea also not bad.. ( the 1st plate of beef only got 5 slices, so I ordered the 2nd serving) the prawns were not bad, because my dear peeled them for me (haha)..we had a total of just 8 prawns. There were only 4 prawns on each plate. We did not order alot, just 2 rounds, and ate slowly for 1.5hours.

In all, I was quite disappointed.. It cost $20.80+ for each person, we paid around $47 after adding in cost of the wet tissues, tea and 7% GST.. Not really worth the price I find, plus their service is quite bad.. its only until 10pm that when we foot the bill, that we saw the manager smiled. ( before that, think all their staff super busy and black faced..)

While waiting I read their wall posters.. they like got $10 membership which will entitle customers to 10% and a $10 voucher for their next visit, and there is 30% off if customers dine in after 10.30pm from Mondays to Fridays.

For $20.80+, we can have unlimited servings from their menu B & C..

The selection of soup.. ( anyone tried the house special satay soup before?)

The ones that I circled in yellow were the ingredients that we ordered. ( The carp fish fillet is quite crap! I find, dont taste like fish)

They also got a website:

There are 2 shops along the streets, they are just located like a few shops away from each other..

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