Monday, August 17, 2009

Fr3b $28 Membership

After Dior event, I went to fr3b again, I went there as I was in town and nothing to do.. so pop by fr3b to get more samples.. ( who dont like freebies?)

Actually when I joined for the $28 membership, I wasnt expecting to have a fantastic goodie bag (it really depend on luck when it comes to goodie bag. I think I got not much luck when it come to getting random goodie bags.. ) Although at first I was quite disappointed when I received my goodie bag but glad that there were some glitches in the first goodie bag on the first day of opening, and we got the 2nd goodie bag soon after (haha, although I saw a few who managed to get quite attractive products)... I was happy to get the maybelline blusher and the Canmake trio eyeshadow and samples of the BB creams in my goodie bags.

haha, think there must be some confusion regarding the goodie bags, think there really isnt any pre-ordered bags, neither do I find the earlier we joined, the better goodie bag one will have... Think the only difference should be extra blue dermalogical makeup case or a pink gym bag for those who went to collect on 1st or 2nd. ( And the good news is the goodie bag is still available even when one joined their $28 membership now.. one would still be entitled to a goodie bag with items worth $50 depending on luck what items one would get)I sort of think those who got their goodie bags at a later date seem to get better stuffs than those the early birds.. (",)

I was telling my friends that I think getting the samples in the store is more worth which the reason I joined fr3b $28 membership.. Just now I checked my account and realised I had spent $19.28 on postage for the past few months grabbing 22 samples before fr3b launched their $28 membership and its first sampling concept store at Stamford House.

In fact, I checked that I had already grabbed 46 samples since I joined fr3b on 29th October 2009.. Oopps.. that is really a lot of samples!!!!! So I think its pretty worth it to join the $28 membership to grab its samples including full size ones.. ( ok, think the goodie bag is just an extra perk to give us more reasons to join its membership)

There are the things that I got from fr3b in the past 10 months:

1 x COVERMARK Moisture Veil
1 x Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask
1 x Gowoonsesang BB Cream SPF30PA
1 x Quick Touch 1min Hair Colour
1 x Alcon OPTI FREE RepleniSH
1 x California Vent Clip Palm
1 x Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source
1 x Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste
1 x COMPLETE® EASY RUB™ Multi Purpose Solution
1 x P2 revitalise Multi Purpose Solution
1 x Fennel Handy Pack
1 x Amby London HEX Matt Scraper
1 x Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil
1 x 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion
1 x Nivea Men Face Wash
1 x Amby London HEX Spiky Gel
1 x Watsons Rose Water Facial Mask
1 x Watsons Whitening & Moisturising Facial Mask
1 x Laurier F Day napkin 22.5cm
1 x Nexcare Non Exposure Tapes
1 x NEW! Elseve Nutri Gloss Light Shampoo
1 x Naturenu Honey Mango Body Butter
2 x Breathe Right Samples
1 x Watsons Aloe Extract Facial Mask
1 x Watsons Green Tea Essence ANTI OXIDANT Facial Mask
1 x Cest Naturel Intensive Mud Hair Mask
1 x Cest Naturel Salt Exfoliator

From Fr3b Concept Store:
1 x AVALON Acne Fix
1 x AVALON American Ginseng Slice With Honey
1 x AVALON PrroBiotic
1 x Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
1 x BRANDS Innershine Prune Essence
1 x Fantastic Delites
1 x Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Facial CLAY MASK
1 x Watsons Bird Nest Essence Mask
1 x Beauty Credit KERATIN HAIR PACK
1 x Beauty Credit KERATIN SHAMPOO
1 x Beauty Talk Oxy AQUA
1 x BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream SPF30 PA++
1 x Covermark Brightening Lotion
1 x Covermark Connecting Base
1 x Huiji Herbalmint lozenges
1 x Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

My most recent samples I got just last Saturday

1 x Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited
1 x Diesel Only The Brave
1 x Encore All In One Solution
1 x Huiji Fruity Lite
1 x Kinohimitsu J’pan D'Tox Juice
1 x Neutrogena MEN Cooling Cleansing Gel
1 x NEW! Elseve Re Nutrition Shampoo
1 x Nivea Happy Time

Also got this surprise.. A complimentary Sparkle ME! Solitaire Skin Peel Therapy voucher worth $160 for being the top 30 in the fr3b refer and win contest for month of June.

If you noticed carefully, think my $19.28 + $28 are pretty much well spent...

Haha, if you are tempted, do join and you can start grabbing full size items like the beautytalk mask which is worth $10, potato chips, freeman mask worth $9.90, and so many more samples in store.. in fact there are over 120 samples for us to choose... everything for just $28, including a goodie bag.

Here is my referral link for you to join,.. haha, by joining through my link, I will get 0.2 point in my account.. Really appreciate all who joined and had already joined through by referral link..

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