Monday, August 17, 2009


Watched Orphan earlier at E-hub! Actually we thought of watching Orphan or The Proposal but in the end, dear said to watch Orphan.. I thought it was some ghost horror movie.. luckily its NOT.. Its more of a thriller. As I did not read the synopsis before watching this.. I do not know what I was expecting at all.. but I was quite surprised with the unexpected twist towards the end of the movie.. when the true identity of Esther was revealed.. Oh gosh, I really never expected that the scriptwriter to think of such a brilliant twist.. which made sense why Esther was so smart... even know how to engage to reverse gear of the car, manipulate the cute little sister and knew so much things.

Although this movie is pretty long, around 2hours.. its really a nice movie.. although at first there were 2 or 3 scares, thought it was a horror ghostly movie at first..

A movie worth watching. Will give it a 8 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

Hello sharon! I have found your sales post about the LV neverfull PM through google engine and I've always been interested in getting one for myself (esp because its in PM) Are you still looking for buyers?

Sharon said...


My new LV neverfull PM had been sold a few months back. Anyway thanks for your interest. (",)