Monday, August 3, 2009

National Day Preview - 1st Aug 2009

After fr3b event, I went home to put my stuffs and slept.. it was quite tired as I did not sleep the whole night.. My aunt came to fetch us and parked her at Marina Square, luckily we managed to find parking lots.. We were seated around 5pm+ .. and it was already 80% filled with people..

It has been a couple of years since I last watched National day live.. but this is my very first time watching it at the floating platform.. My mum, aunt and a little cute boy were also their very first time watching.. Overall I do dine this year's performance quite good, as in they made use of the surroundings ( like the waters) to do some performance, like how the police track down criminals in the sea etc.. There were also marina wave challenge against Subaru STI racing car and Harley Davidson bikes..

I enjoyed most parts of the show, but of course I like the fireworks which started to explode in the air around 8.20pm..

The last massive burst of fireworks..

Had a wonderful evening watching the national day preview! (",)
This year goodie bag, I meant the bag itself, is actually quite versatile, we can even pull off the sponsor logos and make it into a plain bag.. ( at first I did not know that the bag is so versatile because as I was walking down the stairs, I saw all sort of combination colors, yes the bag can even inter change colors.. but i saw a few with plain looking bags, at first I thought they brought their own bags, then later realise how come so many more brought their own plain bags, then I noticed even my goodie bag can be transformed into a plain bag. ( good to use when you go travelling, swimming to the beach.. ) If they put logos, think most of us wont carry out right??.. but if we are able to take out the logos, its still not to bad, at least the bag look much better without the logos.. think next time they should make such bags so that people wont chuck them one side after the National day..

Haha, I even saw 1 man ( he was one of the staff though) carrying a pink goodie bag, but pink color quite rare, maybe its Limited edition colors .. I did not see any red, also no white.. Got light blue, dark blue, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow, ( cannot remember what other colors)

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